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How Do Booking Points Work In Football Betting?

In a booking points market, you bet based upon how many yellow and red cards you think will be shown in a particular match. When you bet on this market at an online bookie, it works like this: If a yellow card is shown, 10 points are added to the total. If a red card is shown, 25 points are added to the total.

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What are booking points? Booking points refer to how many red and yellow cards are shown in the match and can also be bet on separately, instead of part of a Build Your Bet.

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If a team has +10 or -10 booking points handicap then it is as if they begin the game with a handicap of 10 points added on or 10 points deducted and will need to beat that handicap in order to land your bet. There are three main things to consider when betting on booking points. Players, history and the referee.

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Whilst different sports tend to share various betting markets, even if they sometimes call them by a different name, Booking Points are exclusive to football, largely on account of the fact that football is the only sport that sees yellow and red cards brandished to players for their behaviour on the pitch.

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We assign booking points for red and yellow cards and let you bet on how many points you think there'll be over the course of a match. What is each card worth? A yellow card earns 10 points and a red card earns 25 points.

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When placing a bet on the total over bookings points markets at Sky Bet, you will strike a bet at an agreed number of points. If you choose to bet on there being over 20 points at 1/6, this is the price you will get whether the game produced over 20 points or over 90 points. For example, if you put a bet of £60 on at 1/6 and there are 25 points or more, you will win £10 and get your £60 stake back. Of course, if there’s less than 20 points you will lose your bet.

What Does Taking The Points Mean In Sports Betting?

Taking the points simply means betting an underdog against the spread. Pointspread betting is most common in football and basketball. An underdog could be expressed, for example, as +7.5.

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Buying points or teasing means you are sacrificing odds (or juice) in order to obtain a more favorable spread. There is an 8.5-point spread for the 2019 Week 1 battle between the visiting Seattle Seahawks and the Cincinnati Bengals. The Seahawks are -8.5 at -120 and the Bengals +8.5 at -105.