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In volleyball, the jump serve is a type of serve where the serving player increases power and serve height by jumping to hit the ball. The extra motion generated in a jump serve allows the server to put additional power on the ball and this can make the serve very difficult to handle for the receiving team.

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First of all, we would like to tell you what a jump serve is. Actually, this type of serve involves two motions. It’s fair to say that jump serve is all about jumping and hitting the ball. This type of serve is done during the jump. The jump gives a volleyball player the perfect opportunity to make an extra motion and hit the ball harder. If jump serve is done right, the opposite team’s defensive players will definitely find it hard to handle the ball.

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A jump serve is an advanced volleyball serve where the ball is thrown into the air and the player makes contact with it by jumping and hitting it in midair. This is a popular serve in college and professional volleyball games because it has a lot of power and speed. Mastering the jump serve can confuse and demoralize the opposing team, which is a good way to rack up points quickly.

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The jump float serve is a serving technique that puts added pressure on the opponents serve reception. The first skill to learn is the correct footwork. Jump Serving Footwork. The first part of learning to jump float is teaching the footwork. When learning the approach, it’s very similar to a regular volleyball hitting approach.

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Jump serves can either be a jump floater or a jump topspin. Basically, these serves are the same except you start several paces behind the service line and perform an approach and a jump. You will do a left, right, left approach just like when hitting.

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Jump serve- It’s the most popular type of service. It’s used mostly in men’s volleyball and all the players from the list above use this technique to serve fast. Because of speed, players on the other side of the court, often have problems with receiving the ball, because they don’t have a lot of time to react.

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This video is about How to Jump Serve in Volleyball. This video is about How to Jump Serve in Volleyball.

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Answered 4 years ago · Author has 1.1K answers and 2.6M answer views. A jump serve is similar to setting yourself. Let’s go over the components of an actual jump serve. The Toss- this part is where you set yourself up to swing.