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USTA Ratings vs UTR (Universal Tennis Rating) What is a USTA Rating? The United States Tennis Association (USTA) uses National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP) as a benchmark to assess the capability, skill, performance level of a player. The NTRP was developed in the 1970s by USTA when the game was becoming more and more popular in the United States.

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USTA vs. UTR What are the differences between USTA and UTR tournaments and what should I play? USTA USTA sanctioned events are broken into Levels 1-5 at a state, sectional and national level. Level 5 events are designed for beginners while Level 1 for the most advanced player. Winning

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The basic tennis rating system (NTRP) has been in place for a long time and is used by the USTA. There have been other ratings systems like UTR that have evolved over the years and aim to create a worldwide consistent set of ratings for players of all abilities. Then there is the international rating system.

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Points Per Round vs. Universal Tennis Rating. The USTA Southwest Junior Competition Committee has voted to utilize Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) system for the selection and seeding of players for all Level 3-5 tournaments. The goal of using UTR is to have more level based play, encourage competitive matches,

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The USTA. Every week I receive at least one email from Universal Tennis informing me of upcoming tournaments in my area. Usually there are opportunities to play 4-5 UTR tournaments within a 50 mile radius of my house every weekend. Occasionally one of those UTR emails prompts me to enter and play an event.

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Playing two tiebreaks to 11 one where I serve the whole time (red long sleeve USTA 5.5 or UTR 12) and one where my friend/opponent serves the whole time. Bot...

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The Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) system and the National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP) are both widely accepted tennis player skill rating systems. The best tennis matches are when the competition is intense and you cannot guess who will win the match. When two players are perfectly matched up in their abilities and strengths, the game becomes a thrilling drama of serves, volleys, and returns ...

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What is a UTR? (Universal Tennis Rating) Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) is a global system that rates every tennis player regardless of their age, gender, or nationality. In recent years, UTR has emerged as the metric system of tennis worldwide. It is 16-point scale used to measure a player’s game, skill and capability.