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The range or scale for stiffness for racquets will usually fall between 50 and 85, where the ...

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Racquet stiffness is a measurement of how much a racquet bends when it makes contact with the ...

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A racket’s stiffness is defined by how much the frame bends when it makes contact with the ball. The number you see is correlated directly to how much the racket is distorted as the ball is struck. So, a higher rating of stiffness relates to less bend in the racket at contact.

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Stiffness is measured in Rahmen (RA). A racquet with an RA rating between 55 and 60 or below 64 is considered a flexible tennis racquet. At the same time, a semi-rigid tennis racquet stiffness ranges between 65 and 69. RA value above 69 indicates more stiffness; therefore, stiff racquets lie in this category.

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The most widely used stiffness ratings are generated off the Babolat RDC (Racquet Diagnostic Center). The Racquet Analysis ( RA rating) score is used on their entire lineup including the Babolat Pure Drive on a 1-100 point scale. The higher the number, the stiffer the tennis racket.

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The stiffness is measured in RA, and most rackets fall between 55 and 72 on the scale. RA simply stands for stiffness rating. It is measured by placing a specific amount of weight on a lever, which bends the frame. Lower numbers indicate more flex; higher numbers indicate less flex. The stiffness of a racket directly affects the power of the frame.

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We measure frame stiffness and give each frame a score (RA). You will see the RA in the spec tables on our racquet description pages. Here's a general breakdown of how to decode the measurements: Flexible frame = 63 and below. Medium stiffness = 64 to 67 . Stiff frame = 68 and above

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It is denoted by RA and quoted as a number. Racket stiffness is usually between 50 and 80. Higher RA indicates that racquets are stiffer, and on the other hand, lower RA is an indicator of more flexibility. In simple words, a racquet with a stiffness rating of 50 will bend more as compared to a racquet with a stiffness rating of 70 or 80, but their other specs like head size and weight must be identical. How to Measure Tennis Racquet Stiffness?