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Overgrips help to prolong the life of a grip/replacement grip. Some professional tennis players will replace an overgrip multiple times during a match, but won’t touch the actual grip during the match. If you don’t use overgrips, use a replacement grip when your racquet handle feels too smooth or not how you prefer it.

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Well, my racket has a smaller handle size than i would like, so i put on an overgrip on. I also use overgrips because they have more absorbtion, tack, and feel. The regular grip that comes with the racket is usually just for cushion.

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The reason tennis players use overgrip is because the original stock grips on a racquet are very hard and thin. They can wear down easily and become costly to replace. Using an overgrip preserves the original grip and is much more cost effective than having to replace it altogether.

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Tennis overgrip purpose. The cardinal purpose of using a tennis grip is to enhance adhesion and sweat absorption. Besides this, expanding handle circumference and to increase the cushion effects are also the main purpose of using tennis overgrip. You can consider these as the advantage of tennis overgrip.

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A tennis overgrip is a simple wrap that you can apply to your racquet handle to increase traction, absorb sweat, and reduce blisters. Grip tape is another term often used to refer to overgrips. Players of all levels can benefit from using overgrips to ensure their racquet stays secure in their hand, while also preventing wear of their main grip ...

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Absorbent overgrips: They provide extra sweat absorption and are the perfect solution for players with sweaty hands. Oftentimes these are perforated—this improves moisture absorption. Overgrips can also be used to increase the size of the grip. Overgrips can be found in many different colors, though white is the most popular.