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Tennis Forehand Technique - 8 Steps To A Modern Forehand ...

What I teach and recommend in this phase where you are building the fundamentals of the forehand technique is that you DON’T copy the tennis pros and how they drop the racket. Most of them drop the racket with the face pointing down where they completely relax the wrist before accelerating forward.

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The shot you'll hit most often in tennis - the forehand. Master the basics or brush up on your technique with our guide to the basic forehand....Want to be a...

Tennis 101: The Forehand

Master the Forehand: Advanced Players At the advanced level, a player should be able to identify both their favorite shot and also the shot that their opponent doesn’t like to hit, and it should be their game plan to try to hit their favorite shot to their opponent’s least favorite shot as much as possible.

Perfect Forehand in 3 Easy Steps - Tennis Forehand Technique ...

Perfect Forehand in 3 Easy Steps - Tennis Forehand Technique Lesson.We all love the feeling of hitting the perfect forehand when you are timing the shot and ...

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http://www.Top-Tennis-Training.com/How To Hit The Perfect Tennis Forehand In 5 Simple Steps.In this video, Top Tennis Training coach Simon Konov will help yo...

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On the forehand, how you hold the racket is very important because the grip is what conveys what the hand feels at contact when the racket strikes the ball. This “feel” is what gives you the ability to control the trajectory and spin of the ball.

10 Simple Steps to Mastering Your Forehand - Tennis 4 Beginners

While the forehand can be executed either as a flat shot, a backspin shot, or a topspin shot, the most commonly used technique today is the topspin shot. This is because it allows you to fully swing at the ball while keeping it in play. In order to generate topspin, the forehand swing is executed from a low-high motion.

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When contacting the ball, the racket head should be approximately parallel to the net. With the topspin forehand you hit the ball in a slight upward movement. You “wipe” the tennis ball to give it a forward rotation. Also make sure that you hit the ball with the sweetspot of the tennis racket.