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Check out our complete overview and guide to the eastern forehand grip. Learn how to hold an eastern grip as well as the main benefits and drawbacks.

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All you ever wanted to know about the eastern forehand grip is here.

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All Tennis Grips - The Eastern Forehand Grip Learn when to use the different grips and what the advantages of each grip are!

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You often hear people talking about different forehand grips and the general benefits and disadvantages of each one.

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The Guide to the Tennis Forehand Grip (everything you need to know)

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Welcome to a tennis lesson from FuzzyYellowBalls, the the best place to learn how to play tennis online.

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A tennis player’s forehand has the potential to be a game-changing shot.

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The range of forehand grips runs from the continental, via the eastern and the semi-western, to the full western.

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Having a correct grip for your forehand and backhand strokes in tennis is the key to hitting your shots with consistency and power.

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Choosing the right forehand grip can make a significant difference to your tennis game.