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Odds of Winning - EuroMillions

The approximate overall odds of winning a prize in EuroMillions are 1 in 13. Average prize amounts calculated using results drawn between 10/05/2011 and 22/10/2021. EuroMillions syndicates are incredibly popular as they increase a player's chances of winning without necessarily increasing the cost.

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The good news is that EuroMillions offers 13 prize tiers, which is more than most other lotteries. That puts the overall winning odds at 1:13, making them more favorable than in EuroJackpot.

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EuroMillions Jackpot Odds. Every time you play the EuroMillions, you stand a 1 in 139,838,160 chance of winning the first prize. Keep in mind that the minimum jackpot in this European lottery is a whopping €17 million and that it can get as big as €190 million.

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Odds. When you enter EuroMillions, you have a 1 in 13 chance of winning any prize. Use the ...

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According to the EuroMillions website, the chances of winning the UK Millionaire Maker game can be estimated as 1 in 1,900,000.

Odds of winning the EuroMillions Jackpot

Your odds of winning the EuroMillions jackpot According to the EuroMillions website, your chances of winning the jackpot are actually 1 in 139,838,160. That might sound like a pretty low chance, and when you compare it to games like the Powerball with odds of 1 in 292,201,338 it sort of is, but it’s still higher than some of the other popular games out there.

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The odds of miraculously picking all seven numbers is 1 in 139,838,160, according to EuroMillions (sorry to be the bearer of bad news). Let’s put this figure in perspective. Here are a list of things that are more likely to happen than winning the lottery, according to the Review Journal .

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The denominator is the PRODUCT because Euromillions is like two separate Lotteries played at once: a 5 from 50 & a 2 from 12. so, C (50,5) = 2,118,760. and C (12,2) = 66. 2,118,760 X 66 = 139,838,160. Take the inverse, and the probability of you winning the jackpot is therefore. 7.15112384 x 10^-9, i.e.