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“Jockey” refers to the one-on-one strategy employed by the “first defender” to handle and control the “first attacker” on the field. To “jockey”, players usually wish to position themselves between the ball carrier and the goal.

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What is a jockey in soccer? The ability to choose the right position to block the further development of attack. This definition is used to indicate that a defender is “glued” to a forward. It is now perfectly clear what does jockey mean in football.

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In association football, jockeying (also called “shepherding” or "guiding") is the defender 's skill of keeping between the attacker and his or her intended target (usually the goal).

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Jockeying an Attacker. Jockeying an Attacker. Jockeying or containing an attacker with the ball is one of the basics of good soccer defense. In this video, MLS star Jonathan Bornstein explains how to jockey an opponent correctly, controlling where the opponent can move. Another great soccer tip for youth players.

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Jockey This is a defending term, used when referring to slowing down an attacker in a 1 versus 1 situation. To jockey, defender should be defending at an angle, 1-3 yards from attacker, knee's bent, and on their toes allowing for quick movement. Overlapping Run

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Jockeying in Football, is being as close to the ball as possible, within a short distance, and just close enough to be able to tackle. At this distance the defender is in control of the situation, being able to manipulate where the attacker will go and what he will do. The defender should be in a low position with both knees bent, turned slightly at an angle from the attacker.

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Jockey definition is - a person who rides or drives a horse especially as a professional in a race. How to use jockey in a sentence.

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Jockeying is a term often used in youth soccer drills, but what does it mean? A good definition of jockeying is that it coaches players in the skill to delay an opponent who has the ball and helps force the direction of play by denying opponents time and space.