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A goalkeeper is allowed to touch the ball with any part of his body, while in the act of defense inside the goal area. He can move with the ball inside the g...

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Inside this area the goalkeeper is allowed to touch the ball with every part of their body in order to parry the ball. Additionally, several rules do not apply to the goalie inside the goal area. These rules are: the 3-second-rule (7:2), the 3-step-rule (7:3), the rule for bouncing the ball (7:4) and the multiple-touching-of-the-ball-rule (7:7).

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Only the goalkeeper can enter the goal area no one else. A free throw is awarded for playing the ball illegally. Free throws are the right to play the ball without interference, although the person with the free throw may try to shoot for a goal instead of a pass. A player takes the free throw on the spot of

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Excerpt from all of my videos about handball rules, here it is about goalkeeper throw, throw-off, goalkeeper scenes. Normally each scene is first zoomed in a...

IX. Rules of the Game

Rules of the Game 5 1. Playing Court 5 2. Playing Time, Final Signal and Time-Out 10 3. The Ball 13 4. The Team, Substitutions, Equipment, Player Injuries 14 5. The Goalkeeper 18 6. The Goal Area 20 7. Playing the Ball, Passive Play 22 8. Fouls and Unsportsmanlike Conduct 25 9. Scoring 31 10. The Throw-Off 33 11. The Throw-In 34 12.

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commits any other offence, not mentioned in the Laws, for which play is stopped to caution or send off a player. An indirect free kick is awarded if a goalkeeper, inside their penalty area, commits any of the following offences: controls the ball with the hand/arm for more than six seconds before releasing it.

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Role and importance of a goalkeeper in handball. Goalkeeper is the most important player for the result effectiveness of its team. Handball rules extracted this player as separated, individual player inside of team game, and gave him/her specific technical and tactical actions that are significantly different from the actions of other players in the field.

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The rules of Team Handball are straightforward. The players consist of two teams that each have seven players including one goalkeeper and six court players per team. The players have to throw the designated ball past the goalkeeper in hopes of it going into their opponent’s goal.