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Beta Ray Bill - Wikipedia

Beta Ray Bill is a playable character in the "Critical Mass" and "Galactic Guardians" sets of Marvel HeroClix. Beta Ray Bill was released as part of the 2019 Marvel Legends toy line for Endgame Wave 2, Smirking Hulk BAF. Beta Ray Bill is being released as a Funko pop in 2020, under the Marvel 80th Anniversary series.

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Beta Ray Bill Powers, Enemies, History | Marvel

Biography. The Burning Galaxy was destroyed through the machinations of Surtur. The surviving Korbinites decided to choose a champion who they would follow to their new home. the Korbinite known as Beta Ray Bill was successful and was transformed into a cybernetic being resembling a fierce creature. The Korbinites then amassed their fleet, put themselves into stasis, and followed Beta's ship, Skuttlebutt.

Beta Ray Bill (Earth-616) | Marvel Database | Fandom

Beta Ray Bill and the Royal Family witnessed as something in Maximus' suit killed him and teletransported Crystal away. Joining the Guardians of the Galaxy. Beta Ray Bill and other prominent cosmic figures attended Thanos' funeral where Eros revealed to them that Thanos had uploaded his mind into a body. Then the Black Order arrived and stole Thanos' corpse, while opening a rift in space creating a black hole which sucked in almost everyone.

Beta Ray Bill (2021) | Comic Series | Marvel

The second-most famous wielder of Mjolnir. The right-hand man to the god of Thunder. And now, a warrior without his best weapon. Beta Ray Bill is tired of playing second fiddle to Thor – and with Bill’s famous hammer, Stormbreaker, recently destroyed at the new All-Father’s hands, tensions are higher than ever.

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Beta Ray Bill was featured in ToyBiz's action figure line for the Silver Surfer animated series. Beta Ray Bill appeared in the Marvel Legends M.O.D.O.K. Build-a-Figure wave from ToyBiz.

Beta Ray Bill | Heroes Wiki | Fandom

Beta Ray Bill is a fictional character and superhero from Marvel Comics, being a Korbinite who became worthy to wield Thor 's hammer, Mjolnir. Beta Ray Bill would later have a rivalry with the God of Thunder over the hammer, but would become one of his and Asgard's allies, and later become a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Annihilators.

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Beta Ray Bill was a powerful fighter and was one of the warriors who gained the title of Champion of the Contest of Champions of Sakaar. Beta Ray Bill was stranded on Sakaar, where he was imprisoned by the Grandmaster and was forced to fight in his Contest of Champions. He won many fights in the...

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Beta Ray Bill: Skuttlebutt's Final Form Just Saved Marvel's ...

Beta Ray Bill has been on an unforgettable journey through the cosmos and dimensions beyond, all in the search for a new weapon capable of returning him to his humanoid form. Now his quest has come to its finale in the most dreadful realm of them all, and Bill is now poised to face off against the fiery Surtur.

Stormbreaker | Marvel Database | Fandom

During a conflict between Beta Ray Bill and Thor, who had been turned into an Herald of Galactus, Bill prevented Mjolnir from returning to its bearer's hand. Seeing no options to reach an agreement, Thor called Stormbreaker and destroyed it by hitting it against Mjolnir.